We maintain a Statement of Privacy in order to reiterate our commitment to confidentiality. Every one of our Users is valuable to us. True that we collect personal information from the students who want to enrol themselves in our programs; but this information is kept strictly confidential. Such information is used only for your academic purposes. Moreover, such personal information is gathered to provide further information, for the execution of agreements, and various other administrative purposes.

The privacy policy is meant to facilitate you in every possible way while you enrol into the Master’s or Doctoral Programs with us. You would be able to correct and edit the information provided by you at any time by contacting us. After all, we realize and value your privacy since privacy policy on the internet is immensely significant.

You will have every right to know what information we collect from you. In case you are asked to furnish any information on the special condition that would be explained to you. When you are asked to complete a form for collection of your information, you will know the reason being governed by such an enquiry from our part. For providing extra securities, you would be given your login IDs and password so that your information remains private and is never shared by anyone else.

We shall store all the information provided by you on our database and never transmit the same outside. You will have the right to ensure that we secure your information and store the same in a safe environment. In order to maintain transparency, we will ask you to provide your contact details so that we, at any point can get in touch with you. Thus you would remain connected to us and can ask us anything that you feel is important to you.