Master of Public Health

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Public Health is considered to be one of the most commonly sought after career. Various medical schools, colleges and universities and good health organizations are now offering a post graduate degree in public health namely Master of Public Health. With the increase in global population, various health problems are on the rise, as well. This post graduate course teaches students the right approach to deal with various global health problems with the right scientific approach. Various health professionals are opting for this course as it is now even offered online by many leading universities. The best thing about this online course is that it can be continued side by side with one’s present job. By the time the degree is obtained, one is ready to take the post of senior health professionals in any public health organizations or NGOs. The main aim of this course is to equip the students with the needed knowledge and skills to change the future of public health with innovative ideas and steps.

Course Details:

The course namely Master of Public Health offered online covers various areas of public health and also addresses various global health problems. Some of the prime areas of focus here include

  • Health promotion
  • Health ethics
  • Leadership and management
  • Advocacy and communication
  • Analysis and problem solving

Master of Public HealthApart from these, issues like epidemiology and inequalities in health all across the globe will also be highlighted in this course. The course consists of five core modules, two electives, one research and one integration module providing practical knowledge. At the end of the course, the candidate must submit a dissertation paper. The core programs includes five modules like promotion and practice of public health, highlighting practical evidence of public health, research on various issues of public health, management of public health systems and implementation of various health systems and programs.

The programs offered in the two elective modules are more practical based. The candidate will have to choose two modules out of the following options to do their specialization; health protection challenges, managing crises, health issues in low income countries, economics and health to name a few. After this, the candidate will also have to work upon research module, and another integration module based on any health issues. Last but not the least submission of a dissertation paper is mandatory which will certainly improve the research as well as writing skills of the candidates.


There are a lot of obvious advantages of online Master of Public Health. The course easily fits into your existing study schedule as well as your professional work. Moreover through an extensive online program, one can easily interact with peers as well as leading health professionals with experience of more than 20 years. Also in the online course, one can keep track of the progress made as well as one’s own personalized support program. The course will also help to master technical skill as well as research approach which one can certainly be implement in the practically.

After the completion of the Master of Public Health course, one can choose from a wide variety of career options. Leading health organizations, as well as NGOs, require candidates with this degree for the post of health managers, health advocate, community health advisors, epidemiologist to name a few. This can definitely prove to very beneficial as all the posts mentioned above are mainly high paid jobs. Moreover, this course as it is offered online saves the time and trouble of on campus course. Thus if one wants a good career in global health, Master of Public Health can certainly prove to be fruitful.